550 SF remodel of a 3520 SF residence

An interior remodel of a Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and closet area including a new office desk space. The bathroom includes a double vanity, shower enclosure, soak tub for two, and an drying area with bench.

The design intention was to acknowledge the clients' desire to have a bathroom represent true relaxation. Therefore, the soak tub was highlighted and the shower experience was privatized. Specifically, the intersection of two forms was used to shape the volume of the soak tub. The first C-shaped form of the ceiling starts above the soak tub, wraps down the shower wall and forms the step for the soak tub. This form hides the shower area and cups the soak tub. The second L-shaped form of the soak tub intersects the first form and essentially holds the soak tub's other half. w/ ojmr architects